Telescopic conveyors are extendible conveyors consisting of a base and extractable booms designed to help reaching inside of vehicles in a safer, quicker and cheaper way. Variety of extension lengths and belt/roller widths we offer enables loading and unloading of bulk product of different sizes from trailers, containers and vans.

Why Lodamaster? Key features of our telescopic conveyors:

  • Compact and reliable design: strong and at the same time slim construction to increase freedom of installations.

  • Safety and ergonomics: our units and options meet all current safety regulations and include built-in safety features. 
  • Effortless maintenance: easily accessible subassemblies through maintenance window and customer service available 24/7 ensure smooth operation.
  • Reliable, high-end components: because whole system is only as strong as its weakest component, we make sure that we work only with the best suppliers.
  • Competitive prices: relation between price and quality is what makes our telescopic conveyors a top choice among alternative solutions on the market.
  • Customised options: our standard machines can be equipped with additional options in order to perfectly adjust to warehouse characteristics and processes.

Significant improvement in loading/unloading time in warehouses with Telescopic Conveyors, compared to the ones using traditional technologies, results in huge popularity of this solution in most greenfield projects nowadays. Easy integration makes them an appealing choice for existing warehouses as well and the cheapest option to overcome bottle-necks in loading and unloading in most logistics segments.


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