Our solutions

For many years now our main goal is to provide our customers with complete solutions for automated transportation and sorting goods in distribution centers and warehouses, as well as to support fast and safe loading and unloading vehicles.

Conveyors and Automatic Warehouse Systems – Lodamaster©

  • High quality
  • Variety of options
  • Cost optimization
  • Time efficiency

Automated solutions and machines dedicated to transporting of goods, that are available in our wide offer including high-quality roller and belt conveying systems, spiral-, flex-, vertical- and curve- conveyors, which are a perfect choice for every modern facility, ensure lower costs, higher quality and speed for all warehouse processes.

Complete solutions and system integration

As a conveyor systems manufacturer and integrator, Lodamaster© offers a great range of newest technologies, available to suit various warehouses and distribution needs, is able to transfer a wide range of products; from polybags, packages, carton boxes, and parcels to pallets and documents, vertically or horizontally. Additionally to intelligent conveyor systems and integrations, our high-performance loading/unloading solutions as well as pallet automation systems, especially dedicated to high bay warehouses, improve performance while supporting substantial cost savings.

Lodamaster©  – your convenient and trust single source integrator.

According to the processes in the facility, we design custom shape conveyors and fully partner with system integrations in order to help our clients improve production-line efficiency and ensure cost-effective operations that perfectly fit their material handling needs. 

We offer different sizes of machines, made from different materials such as steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, depending on the requirements of a customer.

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