LODAMASTER Group, established in 2011, provides intralogistics solutions globally that include conveyor automation systems, sorter systems, vehicle (un)loading solutions, order picking solutions, and other warehouse technologies from our bases in Istanbul, Denmark, and Poland.

Lodamaster is able to offer turn-key solutions in many countries with its own teams in Turkey, Europe, Poland and with our partners all over the world.

By using our expertise on warehouse automation and efficiency projects, and on loading-unloading operations, we are providing firstly a consultancy service with analyzing your operations on-site and we are proposing the most suitable technologies for your operations.

Lodamaster Headquarter (Istanbul / Turkey), dealing with sales and marketing, solution design, project management, and after-sales services activities for the region of Turkey, the Middle East and Russia.

Lodamaster Technic (Kocaeli / Turkey), is the manufacturing company of the group dealing with the design of components in our projects, producing stand-alone machines like telescopic conveyors, pallet magazines, pallet elevators, pallet inverters, and all kinds of conveyors for our own projects and also for the supply to other system integrators all over the world.

ARGEVI Software and Controls (Istanbul / Turkey) is the software company of the group, developing our own software packages SORTware, SORTcontrol, CONware, LIGHTware, etc. for the data processing and also PLC-based control of our projects.

Lodamaster Europe (Warsaw / Poland) is dealing with sales and marketing, project management, and after-sales services activities for the region of Europe and the UK.