About AGVs

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are mobile vehicles programmed to transport materials in a facility. They are used across numerous industries to compensate for employee shortages, reduce labor costs, and increase warehouse efficiency. By minimizing human interactions with transported loads, AGVs can significantly decrease the damage of goods and industrial accidents in your facility.

Our AGVs comply with EN ISO 13849 standard and fulfill the highest safety requirements of the design and integration of safety-related parts of a control system. Safety laser scanners of our AGVs detect obstacles and activate a stop mechanism that gradually slows down and stops AGV to prevent collisions. Light and sound warning systems allow safe and accident-free cooperation of AGVs and operators in the same area.

AGV Navigation Type

There are 3 types of navigation that can be used with our AGVs: laser, natural, and magnetic. Generally, the most flexible, but at the same time, the most costly one, is the natural navigation. The system in this type of navigation doesn't need any hardware installation, AGVs are navigating its way around the facility by mapping the surrounding area. A laser type navigation is a more economical way of navigating an AGV, but still requiring minimum hardware. A robot is equipped with a laser; when its beam meets reflectors mounted on the wall, distances and angles are calculated hence the position of AGV is determined. In this type hardware maintenance requirements are minimal and infrastructure cost reasonable. If the investment cost is a more important factor than flexibility, we are recommending a magnetic tape following, where the robot equipped with a magnetic sensor is detecting a tape glued to the floor on its path.

How can your warehouse benefit from AGVs?

  • They are suitable for a broad range of loads, that cannot be transported by more traditional means of warehouse equipment, such as conveyors. AGVs can carry goods with non-standard shapes and dimensions that weigh even over 1000 kg.

  • They are highly flexible and easily adaptable, fitting to nearly every warehouse process. With panels located next to stations, operators can call AGVs based on the need. Thanks to wireless modules and central control software, they can be centrally steered as well.
  • They are easily manageable and controlled. You can check the position, battery level, routes, loads, cycle times, and possible errors of each AGV at any time on the central control computer.
  • They are the best choice for an efficient and cost-saving warehouse. You can choose not only the type of AGV but also navigation and payment methods. There is always a suitable AGV for your warehouse and financial capabilities.
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