Tilting Front End

The tilting front end option is a separate conveyor connected to the front boom which is moving up and down for loading/unloading from very high/low positions in the vehicle, making it easier for operators to put packages on the conveyor.

Driven Wheels

The driven wheels option enables the machine to move horizontally between docks.
This option lets the operators change the place of the machine according to the dock they will use. Thanks to the fully motorized wheels, the telescopic conveyor can be moved with just one button by the operator and it provides safe use by preventing displacement with the immobilization equipment used on the front of the machine.

Front Led Light

The led light is placed on the forepart of the front boom. It is a safety feature, allowing operators to see the inside of the truck by providing additional lighting.

Hydraulic Tilt

The hydraulic tilting option is enabling the machine to go up and down vertically with two hydraulic pistons at the sides of the telescopic conveyors. Hydraulic tilting functions with a separate drive. This option lets the operators put the packages on the machine from upper levels or lower in the vehicle. 

Operator Platform

The operator platform option contains a platform attached to the front boom which can carry an operator while performing loading and unloading operations.

Raised Belt

The raised belt option contains a transfer belt on the base section which provides a smooth transfer of packages to a declining/inclining conveyor on top of the base.

Side Pan / Handrail

Handrails are a guide that is connected to both sides of the base providing a safe walk for operators on the base.

Sidepans are plates that are connected to both sides of the base ensuring that the product won't fall from the telescopic conveyor.