Case Studies - Our Clients: ARVATO


In e-commerce processes, orders must be packed quickly and delivered to cargo companies in the right and timely manner. To improve these processes in the warehouse where order preparation services are organized, Arvato announced a public tender. They requested a system in which parcels are packed on packing stations and transported by conveyor to outfeeds, separate for each cargo company. Barcodes are read with a barcode scanner and based on the reading, outfeed to which parcel should be sent is determined. 


Lodamaster has been awarded the project based on the value-added logistics process automation solution offered. To meet the needs of Arvato, we designed and implemented a conveyor system with a top-side barcode reader. We proposed to Arvato a 90-degree bi-directional roll-on sorter that we developed and manufactured ourselves. Thanks to the PVC belt conveyor system which is designed and manufactured specifically to meet Arvato's needs, they get to the most out of the logistics process and achieve the best possible results.


Lodamaster optimized Arvato's logistic process automation. Thanks to the system we designed, Arvato's packaging and shipment processes have increased in terms of both: speed and efficiency.