The system they used to didn’t respond to their needs. Therefore, they decided to continue with a system where the automation is higher and the efficiency and the flow are faster and for this reason we have made an investment decision. They collected their orders directly by packages. They used to collect those by baskets. The collection system was carried out with a manual reading from paper.

As a result of increased capacity requirements, the company went into a larger warehouse and wanted to make use of the latest technologies in new warehouse areas. They also needed to increase the tracking capability with new technologies. Due to the increased workload, manual transport of empty boxes should be automated. In addition to all these requirements, the accuracy of the products and quantities in the package should also be checked.


Light picking system (Pick2light) is used. Overhead conveyor system is applied for automatic transport of empty boxes. Package sorter system is used to separate the boxes into cargo. Now with the newly-established light collecting system, people can perform a more accurate and complete collection process by collecting the products due to the turned bottom lights after scanning the barcode. They used to collect their waste in a pool and transport it out of the enterprise. With the weight scaling system integrated into the conveyor line, the inbox product weight and quantity are also checked.


With the automatic conveyor system and the lines, they can collect all of their wastes from a single pool and ship them automatically out of the factory without a human touch. They are working with a single cargo company because the sortation was really difficult for more than one cargo company. The automatic sorter system which they are newly using allows us to work with more than one cargo company as the automatic sorters decide to send out the package to the related cargo company. Now they can work with three different cargo companies. Thanks to the automatic control system, thanks to the weight control system, they can now count that their products are actually delivered to their customers in the correct number. By using this system, they can operate their system with 95% efficiency and can deliver their packages to their customers in an effective way. The capacity of daily product of this facility is 500.000 units and the daily package delivery is 25.000 units. In the next five years, they are planning to establish a very large operation center in the center of Europe, which can serve entire Europe.