Case Studies - Our Clients: COLIN'S


Continued company growth and increasing product volume were challenging the current logistics capacity of COLIN'S. As a result of a left-over capacity, they decided to invest in a second sorter for their warehouse. The existing split tray sorter system was not enough for increased volume and time requirements. After the second split tray sorter system was installed, the two systems had to be integrated and the new contractor had to take control of the existing system.


Extending the capacity of the current distribution center was a key objective of Colin’s. As a result of their tender, they continued their work with Lodamaster due to their high quality products, right price policy and after sales service. Since they have built their second machine on the entresol, they have connected it with lifts and conveyors via a solution offered by Lodamaster in order to make the below processes talk with the above machine. They have chosen the vertical conveyor system among the solutions offered by Lodamaster for inter-floor transfer. They are now working with their new machine as well as with their old one, so that the packages continue to the exit through the same line, and the packages come out being labeled and prepared. Packages coming out of their split sorters come together on the exit line and as they are ready for shipment on the same line, they continue with the help of convectors to the relevant units.


The project was a successful collaboration between Colin’s, Equinox and Lodamaster. Lodamaster designed and delivered the surrounding conveyors and platforms, ensuring a perfect fit. Thanks to the recently installed oval sorter with double split trays, Colin’s was able to achieve a sorting capacity of 17.600 items per hour! Now they use reliable, efficient, versatile, space-saving and time-saving sorting solutions based on product, distribution and order structure. We are proud of that they prefer Lodamaster.