Case Studies - Our Clients: HEPSİBURADA


Hepisburada's requirement was for the orders to be quickly collected and shipped. The company’s rapid growth brought the existing warehouses to its capacity and performance limit. The difficulty of performing operations in warehouses, growing e-commerce volume and the need for an increasing stock-keeping unit were the main challenges they were facing.


We provided Hepsiburada with a turn-key solution, that includes shoe sorter and vertical transport technologies. In the system, products are being sent from a mezzanine and concrete floors to a shoe sorter, using vertical and horizontal transportation technologies. We used a barcode scanning system capable of reading data from 5 different surfaces, based on the data read from the barcodes parcels are sorted to multiply cargo companies. We used our own conveyor modules, such as PVC belt conveyors and curve conveyors keeping the overall capacity of the system at the level of 7000 parcels/hour.

One of Hepisburada's most important requirements was to be able to get instant answers and to find instant solutions. Thanks to our 24/7 service team, we have met the expectations of their operation center.


Operational management was ensured with the new system and tracking ability was improved. Implemented 'Shoe sorter' as a time-efficient and a dedicated solution for the fragile or easily damaged type of goods, where especially a bigger variety of sizes, shapes, and weights are sorted, supports smooth and accurate moves of products at high rates of speed. Thus, with this technological investment, Hepsiburada's warehouse increased its efficiency for intralogistics such as order processing speed and tracking capability.